Image of John Marsicek standing

Hi! I’m John Marsicek (pronounced Mar-si-chek), Principal Owner and Founder of Orchards Media LLC. An Oregon Institute of Technology graduate and 20+ year member of the Society for Technical Communication, technical and business writing has been my career.

What I enjoy most about technical/business writing and graphic design is that it stimulates both the analytical and creative sides of my brain. I enjoy writing’s analytical aspects such as research, observing the rules of English, and working with technology. I also groove to engaging my creative side through graphic design and making complex topics simpler and easier to understand.

Over the years I’ve written and edited new hire orientation manuals, training guides, procedural manuals, references, and job aids. I’ve also created documentation illustrations, pamphlets, posters, logos, DVD case covers, and business cards.

With my nearly 20 years of skills and experience, your writing and graphic design deliverables are completed…

On time. Within a realistic time frame that also accounts for review time and revisions, your project will be completed on or ahead of schedule.

On budget. No cost overruns or unexpected fees. If a project’s estimate exceeds your budget, we can discuss how to make the project more affordable while ensuring you get maximum value of the deliverables.

On target. The reader’s needs are always in mind when developing a project. Using the appropriate writing style, reading level, and design elements help to ensure your project is clearly understood by your intended audience.

Contact me today so we can talk about how my skills and experience can best serve your needs. Initial meeting and consultation is free.

- John